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          Classical Crossover Soprano
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Charlotte Potter, a young talented Soprano from North Yorkshire is rapidly gaining the highest acclaim for her performances in the UK and abroad.

This beautiful voice seamlessly transitions from Opera to Musical Theatre offering versatility and breathtaking performances.

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Charlotte Potter


Upcoming Performances - July 2024 Italy

25th March 2023

It isn’t only that Charlotte’s voice is beautifully precise, with a pearlescent lustre that resonates with a crystal clarity, it’s that hearing her sing is personal between her and you. Recently I was sitting right at the back of a large venue, impossible to have been seen from the stage and could glimpse Charlotte only between several heads, and yet I felt that she knew I was there, and that she was singing to me; and I could see that everyone else was feeling the same - mesmerised by something that felt both individual and inclusive. Charlotte directed us to the heart of her songs, and to the honesty of them, and we felt involved in their expression, complicit in the narrative journeys. The performance was immaculate, and yet there was no sense in which this had been someone merely performing. Charlotte commands her audience, but she sings to us as the individuals in it, and we are charmed.


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